Pesentato nei giorni scorsi a Trieste il 59esimo Festival di Ljubljana, confermando lo stretto legame che unisce Trieste alla città slovena e festeggiando la continuazione del “gemellaggio” tra il festival di Ljubljana e quello di Trieste, nel nome del jazz di qualità- TriesteLovesJazz.

Il Ljubljana jazz Festival è festival più longevo d’Europa; un Festival, inoltre, che è sempre attentissimo alle nuove tendenze europee della musica d’oggi e che valorizza i propri artisti proiettandoli su un panorama internazionale.

Quest’anno ha luogo dal 27 al 30 giugno a Ljubljana, e ha come principale struttura il Cankarjev Dom. I concerti si tengono in diverse location: nella bellissima Gallus Hall (auditorium di grandi dimensioni e ottima tecnica acustica), al Cankarjev Dom Park, al Cankarjev Dom Club e alla Linhart Hall, la seconda sala più grande e importante della struttura.

Il Festival ha ricevuto, dall’European Jazz Network, per l’edizione di quest’anno, il EJN AWARD premio per il festival più avventuroso.

Alle grandi star internazionali del jazz – tra cui il trio composto da Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain, Chris Potter; il quartetto di Dhafer Youssef e il grande percussionista Zlatko Kaučič che a Ljubljana celebra il quarantesimo anniversario della sua carriera con Stefano Battaglia (piano) e Salvatore Maiore (batteria) – il festival quest’anno accosta le migliori proposte slovene a un’ampia panoramica del jazz europeo.


WED / 27 Jun

19.00 DrummingCellist (Slovenia)

20.00 Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain, Chris Potter
Double concert, Gallus Hall, EUR 15*–28

21.30 MTF feat. Sub-Lime (Slovenia)

CD Park, admission free

THU / 28 Jun

18.00 Aleš Rendla Sextet (Slovenia)

19.30 December Soul (Italy/Slovenia)

21.00 Lovro Ravbar & Get On Board Collective (Slovenia/Cuba)

CD Park, admission free

22.00 Portico Quartet (Great Britain)


FRI / 29 Jun

18.30 Lore (Italy/Slovenia/France)

20.00 Rohey (Norway) Pre-concert presentation of the 2018 European Jazz Network (EJN) Award for Adventurous Programming to the Jazz Festival Ljubljana

21.30 Hermia / Ceccaldi / Darrifourcq Trio (Belgium/France)

CD Park, admission free

23.00 Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra (Sweden)


SAT / 30 Jun

10.00 Children’s workshop Make Your Own Musical Instrument (4+)

11.00 Abeceda (Slovenia)

CD Park, admission free

15.00 Clean Feed presents: Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble L.U.M.E. (Portugal). Post-concert culinary meeting between Bosnia and Portugal


17.00 Rok Zalokar – Port Songs (Slovenia/Italy/The Netherlands)

18.15 Elifantree (Finland)

CD Park, admission free

19.30 Dhafer Youssef 4tet (Tunisia/USA)



Bowrain (Slovenia, Germany)

CD Park, admission free

22.00 Shake Stew (Austria)

23.30 Vasko Atanasovski Melem feat. Bojan Z (Slovenia/France)


Accompanying programme /see www.ljubljanajazz.si for more information /

26 June (opening at 20.00) through 24 August 2018

Petra Cvelbar: In Women’s Hands (photo exhibition)

Small Gallery, admission free

Throughout the Festival

Ancient Tree Stage

Interventions by young creative music artists

CD Park, admission free


WED / 27 Jun / 19.00

DrummingCellist (Slovenia)

Kristijan Krajnčan, cello, drums

Kristijan Krajnčan, who has built up an enviable international reputation, is appearing with his solo project. DrummingCellist employs an exciting, fresh, daring and out-of-the-ordinary approach, exploring the possibilities of two paramount instruments with a pure and comprehensive artistic vision.


WED / 27 Jun / 20.00

Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain, Chris Potter (Great Britain/India/USA)

Dave Holland, bass; Zakir Hussain, tabla; Chris Potter, saxophone

An all-star line-up of undisputed virtuoso performers, the trio revives the ideas of the 1970s jazz figures who blended jazz with other styles, most frequently incorporating elements of Indian music. The unbridled mysteriousness of Indian rhythms sensually overlaps with abstract and ethereal jazz themes.
WED / 27 Jun / 21.30

MTF feat. Sub-Lime (Slovenia)

Murat, beatbox, rap; Tomaž Gajšt, trumpet, keyboards; Urška Centa, dance; Lenart Krečič, tenor saxophone; Marko Črnčec, keyboards; Tadej Kampl, bass; Kristijan Krajnčan, drums

A project bringing together two new-fledged Slovenian bands, MTF feat. Sub-Lime synthesises highly diverse musical forms: jazz, hip-hop and flamenco. Creating a particularly compelling rhythmic (and visual) texture, beatboxer Murat and dancer Urška Centa have an equal role in weaving a grid of vibrantly interlocking rhythms.

CD Park, admission free

THU / 28 Jun / 18.00

Aleš Rendla Sextet (Slovenia)

Primož Fleischman, tenor, soprano saxophone, flute; Aljaž Rendla, clarinet, alto clarinet; Rebeka Zajc, keyboards, piano; Jani Moder, electric guitar; Jošt Drašler, double bass, electric bass; Aleš Rendla, drums, percussion

A veteran of the national jazz scene known from the bands Begnagrad, Srp, Quatebriga, Bratko Bibič & The Madleys and Fake Orchestra, Rendla’s gig will feature compositions from his second album, Dreamings/Sanjarije, an original vision of genre-crossing music, ranging through jazz and ethnic music to fusion and improvisation.

CD Park, admission free

THU / 28 Jun / 19.30

December Soul (Italy/Slovenia)

Stefano Battaglia, piano; Salvatore Maiore, bass; Zlatko Kaučič, drums, percussion

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of his life in music, Zlatko Kaučič will appear at the Ljubljana festival with an international trio whose 2013 debut album was a runaway success. Their latest musical offering is spun from delicately nuanced and subtle fabric, and highly refined lyrical expressiveness.

CD Park, admission free

THU / 28 Jun / 21.00

Lovro Ravbar & Get On Board Collective (Slovenia/Cuba)

Lovro Ravbar, alto, soprano saxophone; Tomaž Gajšt, trumpet; Jure Urek, bass trombone; Miha Koretič, guitar; Jernej Trobentar, guitar; Nejc Škofic, keyboards; Jani Hace, bass; Maurizio Ravalico, percussion; David Morgan, drums

In his latest project, Lovro Ravbar, a saxist actively engaged both in jazz (leader of various groups, Slovenian and Croatian national big bands, etc.) and rock and pop (LeeLooJamais), blends jazz with elements of funk, soul and other genres into an idiosyncratic ‘cosmic’ jazz.

CD Park, admission free

THU / 28 Jun / 22.00

Portico Quartet (Great Britain)

Jack Wyllie, saxophone; Keir Vine, keyboards; Milo Fitzpatrick, bass; Duncan Bellamy, drums, electronics

Formed in 2005, the band’s genre-bending elusiveness makes it impossible to pin down, sending out echoes of electronica, jazz, minimalism, ambient and film music… Portico Quartet has unleashed a new wave of British jazz (Gogo Penguin, Cinematic Orchestra), an upsurge of young British bands that also appeal to Slovenian audiences.


FRI / 29 Jun / 18.30

Lore (Italy/Slovenia/France)

Laura Giavon, vocals; Pia Podgornik, alto saxophone; Giuseppe Doronzo, baritone saxophone; Tancrède D. Kummer, drums

An Amsterdam-based international ensemble (featuring a Slovenian member), Lore’s haunting soundscapes are underscored by uncommon instrumentation and improvisational stamina. The quartet dexterously steers its way through minimalism, avantgarde jazz and quiet folk melodies.

CD Park, admission free

FRI / 29 Jun / 20.00

Rohey (Norway) Pre-concert presentation of the European Jazz Network Award (EJN) to the Jazz Festival Ljubljana

Rohey Taalah, vocals; Ivan Blomqvist, keyboards; Kristian B. Jacobsen, bass; Henrik Lødøen, drums

Norway offers an effervescent scene also when it comes to soul-jazz. Named after its lead singer Rohey Taalah, Rohey’s debut album on the Jazzland Recordings has captivated both mainstream jazz enthusiasts and lovers of sonorous female singers and bristling interpretations of soul music. While Rohey’s delivery withstands comparison with that of Erykah Badu in her early days, the band’s music, flavoured with distinctive Nordic quality, is nevertheless specific enough to ground their soul-jazz firmly in the dramatic expanses of Norway.

CD Park, admission free

FRI / 29 Jun / 21.30

Hermia / Ceccaldi / Darrifourcq Trio (Belgium/France)

Manuel Hermia, saxophones; Valentin Ceccaldi, cello; Sylvain Darrifourcq, drums

An experiment unafraid to venture into unchartered territories of sound but in love with the melodic tradition. Hermia-Ceccaldi-Darrifourcq is a trio that bravely breaks new ground, always carrying the breath of melody within themselves. Knowingly crossing the boundaries of the (un)known, they are outstanding in their unique adventure.
CD Park, admission free

FRI / 29 Jun / 23.00

Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra (Sweden)

Goran Kajfeš, trumpet; Jonas Kullhammar, saxophone, flute; Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson, saxophone, flute; Andreas Söderström, guitar; Jesper Nordenström, Fender Rhodes, piano, synthesizer; Johan Berthling, bass; Lars Skoglund, drums, percussion

Over the past decade, acclaimed trumpeter Goran Kajfeš, whose references include Fire! Orchestra, has explored the vault of musical legacy, performing cover versions of music by illustrious artists that include Soft Machine and Milton Nascimento, Grizzly Bear and Tame Impala, to name only four of the nearly thirty gems found on The Reason Why Volumes 1–3. Kajfeš assembled the cream of the crop in Swedish jazz, a cast of players who delved into reworking these pieces as if they were the fruit of their own loins. Theirs is a music that is orchestral and dancey, full of scintillating moods. Tunes that you just can’t get out of your head and that make you whirl for joy. Subtropic Arkestra is the ultimate proof that music makes life worth living.


SAT / 30 Jun / 11.00

Abeceda (Slovenia)

The Jazz Festival Ljubljana has selected a group of 30 promising talents with the main goal of creating a musical performance based on individual visions of every performer while applying contemporary methodologies such as large-format conducting, improvisation and composition. Abeceda’s works will be featured within the context of the Saturday program in the CD Park.

CD Park, admission free

SAT / 30 Jun / 15.00

Clean Feed presents: Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble L.U.M.E. (Portugal). Post-concert culinary meeting between Bosnia and Portugal

Marco Barroso, composition, leader, piano; Manuel Luís Cochofel, flute; Paulo Gaspar, soprano clarinet; João Pedro Silva, soprano saxophone; Ricardo Toscano, alto saxophone; José Menezes, tenor saxophone; Elmano Coelho, baritone saxophone; Jorge Almeida, Jéssica Pina, Pedro Monteiro, trumpets; Ruben Santos, Eduardo Lála, Pedro Canhoto, trombones; Miguel Amado, electric bass; Vicky Marques, drums

Although inspired by the tradition of the big band model, the 15-piece orchestra led by composer Marco Barroso updates its speech in an intelligent and skilful fashion, combining written composition with improvisation with a dash of irony. One of the most exciting large European impro-jazz ensembles is finally coming to Ljubljana. We can look forward to a perfectly ordinary festival afternoon, a Saturday flavoured with Portuguese sardines.


SAT / 30 Jun / 17.00

Rok Zalokar – Port Songs (Slovenia/Italy/The Netherlands)

Rok Zalokar, piano; Alessandro Fongaro, bass; Ruud Voesten, drums

Working between Rotterdam and Ljubljana, Rok Zalokar’s new trio explores the concept of a port as the melting pot of different cultures. The group’s music echoes influences of poetry, Indian rhythmic forms, choral singing… The trio’s notable appearances include the North Sea Jazz Festival.

CD Park, admission free

SAT / 30 Jun / 18.15

Elifantree (Finland)

Anni Elif, vocals, synthesizers; Pauli Lyytinen, tenor saxophone, EWI, live effects, drum machine; Olavi Louhivuori, drums; Joonas Saikkonen, sound

The band displayed prodigious talent already in 2012, when it appeared in Ljubljana at “The Best of 12 Points Festival”, a potential that has been fully harnessed on their new album and the spring tour of Europe. Having drawn comparisons to Kate Bush for her vocal style, the lead singer Anni Elif Egecioglu reveals herself as one of today’s most distinctive vocal artists. Elifantree’s signature take on jazz reflects influences that range from Bollywood music to Caribbean disco, fitting together into an enigmatic instrumental jigsaw of rhythms and sonorities.

CD Park, admission free

SAT / 30 Jun / 19.30

Dhafer Youssef 4tet (Tunisia/USA)

Dhafer Youssef, oud; Aaron Parks, piano; Joe Sanders, double bass; Justin Faulkner, drums

A prominent Tunisian oud player and singer, Dhafer Youssef’s evocative and intricate sound combines traditional Arabic music and jazz influences. Recruiting three stellar American musicians for his 4tet, Dhafer Youssef’s gig will feature tracks from his critically acclaimed Diwan of Beauty and Odd (2016).


SAT / 30 Jun / 21.00

Bowrain (Slovenia, Germany)

Bowrain, piano, keyboards; Mario Babojelić, guitar, live effects; Robert Nitschke, drums

Contemporary composer, pianist and producer Bowrain fuses acoustic sound with electronica into a colourful kaleidoscope, a composite of classical minimalism and multimedia experimentation. Bowrain’s solo album, Far Out (2014), was in 2017 followed by Distracted, a critically acclaimed release recorded with a backup band.

CD Park, admission free

SAT / 30 Jun / 22.00

Shake Stew (Austria)

Lukas Kranzelbinder, bass, leader; Fabian Rucker, alto saxophone; Johnny Schleiermacher, tenor saxophone; Mario Rom, trumpet; Christian Wendt, bass; Niki Dolp, drums, percussion; Mathias Koch, drums, percussion
Austria’s jazz band of the hour. In Vienna, Klagenfurt-born Lukas Kranzelbinder has compiled an all-star septet that includes members of Kompost 3 and Mario Rom’s Interzone. With Shabaka Hutchings as guest on two tracks, the band have recently released their hypnotic new album, Rise and Rise Again. A concoction of afrobeat and other African genres mixed with jazz grooves and shaken up into a highly engaging potion. Fresh music bearing the unmistakable stamp of the upcoming generation that will resonate with all music lovers.


SAT / 30 Jun / 23.30

Vasko Atanasovski Melem feat. Bojan Z (Slovenia/France)

Vasko Atanasovski, alto saxophone, flute; Bojan Zulfikarpašić, piano; Dejan Lapanja, guitar; Marjan Stanič, drums, percussion

Melem, Atanasovski’s 2017 album recorded with numerous guest artists, featured covers of traditional Balkan songs. On this occasion, Vasko is joining forces with the acknowledged pianist Bojan Zulfikarpašić in a programme consisting of their original pieces as well as some arrangements.


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